About Us

Movement is medicine, but so is education, reassurance, and a sense of humour.  We inspire you to learn about your body and take control; and laugh and play with us along the way.  We will challenge you to take the appropriate steps towards managing your injury, and we will work our 'butts' off helping you get there.

Mission Statement

We strive to educate and support our patients towards reaching their health and performance goals.  With the most up-to-date, effective, and evidence-based rehabilitation, we want to see you return to the sports and actives you love doing.


ODECA will further a cohesive relationship between its professional team and the Milton community through the mutual desire for personal distinction, knowledge and individual development. We will be the community leader in educating, establishing, and advocating for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Core Values

Experienced Therapists

Continued development of both the staff and the services provided


An integrated team approach to patient care 


Open sharing of professional views and opinions amongst team members


Supporting and improving the various communities and sports clubs within which we operate


Honesty to others while upholding respect to their needs and individuality


Establishing a solid foundation of trust through open communication