Following a thorough assessment, a personalized treatment plan will be developed and discussed in detail. This may include treatment of the injury, prevention of further injury, and maintenance of ongoing physical activity while the injury heals. We firmly believe in education as a key component in helping you manage your injury. We can help you with your neck pain, low back pain, osteoarthritis, and pre and post operative rehab, including ACL, joint replacement, tendon repair, arthroscopy and more.

Treatment techniques include:

  • Acupuncture and Functional Dry Needling
  • Soft tissue release
  • Athletic taping and Kinesiotape
  • Functional corrective exercise
  • Sports specific movement correction
  • Manual therapy
  • Mobilization of tissues and joints
  • Vestibular rehabilitation techniques

Complete Concussion Management

ODECA provides the best concussion treatment in Milton, and is now recognized by Complete Concussion Management Inc.™ (CCMI), the most comprehensive concussion treatment program available for patients.  Complete Concussion Management Inc (CCMI) is a network of existing healthcare clinics with practitioners who have received specialized training and certification through CCMI. As a partnered CCMI clinic, we are well prepared and experienced to help guide you through your concussion assessment and rehabilitation.

Contrary to previous practice, rest is no longer considered the best approach to concussion care.  Research suggests that early intervention of various therapies can significantly improve recovery.  With a thorough assessment and the right approach from trained healthcare practitioners, ODECA and CCMI can help patients safely Return to Learn, Work, and Play.

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3D Gait Analysis

3D Gait Analysis is an advanced technique to help identify running and walking related injuries and accurately guide prevention and treatment strategies.  3D Gait is built around the world’s largest database of three-dimensional biomechanical walking and running data.   Only a very short list of clinics in the world offer this innovative, cutting edge technology to the general public.

Following a 3D Gait Analysis and injury assessment, patients are provided with a comprehensive report containing the findings and an intervention/rehabilitation program to help address the biomechanical issues identified.

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Ironman athlete running on a treadmill being analyzed with 3D gait analysis by a physiotherapist

Bike Fitting Services

Our focus is to optimize your bike position and power production for, comfort and performance. We are not a retail operation so we will never try to sell you anything during the fit process. If we are unable to optimize your fit on your current set up, we will provide you with an independent, unbiased opinion of the necessary changes to do so. Whether it's as simple as a saddle switch or as complicated as a requiring a new bike geometry, we will make sure you are riding what you need to ride.

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Ultra distance Ironman triathlete and physiotherapist being professionally fitted to her bicycle.

VO2 Max/AT Testing

Knowing your current Vo2max value can help you understand where your current cardiovascular fitness lies, and how to focus your training in order to gain the improvements necessary for your target race or physical endeavour. The application of Vo2Max testing for runners, cyclist, triathletes, and athletes engaged in various team sports will provide additional physiological measures to help fine tune your training and help assess your aerobic gains over each training block.  Vo2Max is also a key factor for prospective firefighters and an imperative measure to increase for those pursuing high altitude mountaineering.

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Ultra endurance athlete performing a scientific VO2 max test on the bike.